The first honey has already been collected from five cells located on the roof of the Biology Faculty of Bialystok University. In total, almost 30 kg were collected from it.

picture: UwB / ukasz Nowicki

The first honey from the university apiary

On the initiative of the staff of the Faculty of Biology of Białystok University, a university apiary was established in May this year. It consists of 5 cells on the surface of the kidney. Each of them has from 30,000 to 40,000. Bees. Currently, the first honey has been harvested, which was attended, among other things, by the rector of the university, Prof. Robert Ciborovsky and Dean of the College of Biology Dr. Piotr Zieliński, who had the opportunity to pull the tires with honey together.

– From start to finish, it is the university honey that makes us very happy. The bees on our campus feel great, they have very good living and working conditions. Near the Zwierzyniecki Forest, we have our own flower meadows and many green spaces. We will certainly develop this honey project – says the President of Białystok University, Professor V. Robert Ciborovsky.

In the opinion of not only UWB employees, but also long-term beekeepers, the honey is of very high quality and excellent taste.

– It is very tasty and varied honey: maples, early lindens, various flowers of nearby flower meadows. After all, honey plants are grown in such lawns, and the bees benefit from that, assures Mikowage Mak, who has been dealing with apiaries for 40 years. When the linden trees fade, he adds, we’ll be able to pick up some honey from the bees again.

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A centrifuge was set up in one of the department rooms, so the honey collected on the campus was expelled at once. This allows all students to see the harvest and what happens to them next.

Groups to promote the university

Can university honey be bought somewhere? Unfortunately no. Its mission will be to promote the university and a healthy lifestyle. Starting in August, at the University Life Center you will also be able to expand your knowledge of bees thanks to a special exhibition entitled “Bees and their role in nature”.

– Our apiary also has an educational purpose. We want students to have the opportunity to see how it is built, and how bees work first hand. We also plan to organize workshops for beekeepers, and exchange ideas between experienced apiary owners – announced the Dean of the Faculty of Biology Dr. Piotr Zieliński, A.; UwB.