Joe of Vermont, USA has been nicknamed the “Most Prolific Daddy”. The 51-year-old sperm donor is set to have 160 children. Of course, not everyone is in touch with everyone, so on Father’s Day, he will encounter only one consolation.

According to the Mirror, the man was supposed to have intercourse with nearly 200 women who were struggling to conceive. Close-ups were meant to be “no kisses”, natural or artificial. Joe has reportedly helped several women get pregnant without meeting them in person, as he is a sperm donor.

Even though Joe has 160 kids, Father’s Day would be a quiet guy for a guy. He does not expect gifts, he relies on at least one pair of socks. As he says, Father’s Day is not the same as Mother’s Day.

I admit that Father’s Day is very different from Mother’s Day because Mother’s Day is all about bringing flowers and other things, but Father’s Day, if you’re lucky, you can have socks.

“I will see one of my sons on Father’s Day,” the 51-year-old admitted to foreign media. He also added that he plans to contact most of the sons. He does not communicate with everyone, but talks to some from time to time.

This Father’s Day, I’ll probably be talking to a dozen of my kids. I didn’t have time to talk to the 160 anyway, so that’s okay.

In total, while traveling around the world, a man with 160 children met 60 of them. Travel across the United States, Argentina, Italy, Singapore, the Philippines, and the United Kingdom. He has offspring in these countries.

Joe, who hails from Vermont, USA and lives in the UK, calls himself “Angel” to help women realize their dreams of motherhood. Women connect with him via social media. After a brief arrangement of the details, they agree on the date of the meeting and the manner in which the fertilization will take place.

For some people, natural fertilization is more effective, but some people are in a relationship and don’t want to deceive their partners, so they prefer IVF, says the 51-year-old.

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