On Friday, Heritage Auctions sold an unused game for 660,000 PLN. Dollars. The auctioneers say it is the best preserved copy of the game ever auctioned.

The game was purchased in 1986. It was supposed to be a Christmas present, but it was kept away in the desk drawer where she had been lying for several decades. It was only found in its original plastic packaging at the beginning of this year. Unlocked version of Nintendo Super Mario Bros. It was put up for auction and sold for $ 660,000.

Said Valary McCleicky, who evaluates the value of games at Heritage Auctions.

This version of Super Mario Bros was one of the oldest series of games. 13 people participated in the auction. The winner decided to pay $ 660,000 for a copy of Mario. Of the total amount, up to $ 550,000 went to the title seller.

Heritage Auctions says it is the most expensive Super Mario game professionally priced at an auction. The previous version of this game had a value of 546 thousand. A dollar or 114 thousand. Cheaper. It was also an unopened version of Super Mario, but was produced in 1987. It was sold by Heritage Auctions last summer.


Super Mario Bros. It is considered one of the most famous games in the world, produced by Nintendo since 1985. W & nbsp Super Mario Bros. The player controls the plumber Mario, who aims to rescue Princess Toadstool who has been kidnapped by Bowser.