According to the website on Sunday, salt was delivered to Ukraine by a state-owned producer from the Donetsk region until recently. The company was one of the largest producers in Europe. In 2020, it mined 1.2 million tons of rock salt. Part of the production was also exported. By the way, the mining site was a tourist attraction.

However, production had to be halted in April of this year for safety reasons. Factories became the target of Russian attacks.

Ukraine: shop frontier

According to media reports, salt began to disappear from stores in Ukraine recently. There is also a shortage of imported salt, which could have been purchased without major problems even a couple of weeks ago. This situation was causing panic among the residents of individual districts. For some people, a lack of salt means not preserving vegetables, which is especially important in the context of the humanitarian and food crisis caused by the hostilities.

Many Ukrainians are now shopping for supplies. As a result, one of the largest supermarket sites has imposed restrictions. Which is about five kilograms of sugar and a packet of salt for one person shopping. At the same time, supermarkets promise that there will be a lot of salt, which is associated with sufficient stock and increased import. “To date, there is no salt in supermarkets in Kyiv. There were articles in the media about how to try to replace salt in meals” – reported

economic losses

The problem of salt shortage is an example of the serious problems and economic losses of the Ukrainian state, They suffered as a result of the Russian aggression.

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The Ukrainian economy was in trouble as early as 2014, when There was the annexation of Crimea by the Russians and fighting for the Donbass region.

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