Xiaomi Mi 11 offers the best live photos so far. It’s a beautiful, unique flagship ship with thin bezels with a flat screen, but we also have bad news. You won’t find a charger in the box, and buying a 55W adapter doesn’t have to be cheap.

the first show Xiaomi Mi 11 i Mi 11 Pro It will take place the day after tomorrow December 28, 2020. Live photos have already arrived on the net, fully confirming the emergence of the cheaper flagship. We also have bad news – Xiaomi has taken the example of Apple and Samsung.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Live

One should be given to the Chinese manufacturer – in Mi 11 he does not try to copy any other competitor. It might not be a new and revolutionary design, but it is definitely an eye-catcher. The camera island is large and protrudes over the cover, but at least its unique look is crafted. I love it, and in combination with frosted glass (I assume it’s not plastic) it’s an interesting development for the series.

Xiaomi Mi 11 / fot. GSMarena

The front of the device is quite standard, and although the photo is cut smartly, we know that there will be a hole for the selfie camera in the upper left corner. The frames are thin and the screen used to protect the flat glass. The lower beam is close to perfect symmetry with the others, but unfortunately all this is followed by a higher price. And this is not the only problem.

Charger? You can buy it yourself

Earlier we already received confirmation of this In the box with the Samsung Galaxy S21 we will not find a charger. The trend set by Apple is working well and it appears that in 2021, no adapter in the sales suite will be standard. That’s right – the CEO of Xiaomi has officially confirmed that the box of Mi 11 will be very stylish and thin, because you will not find a fast charger in it. Not anything else.

While in the case of the iPhone this can be understood, because purchasing a 20W adapter is a small and expensive problem (I won’t get into a discussion about product miserliness, because that’s not what I mean), buying a dedicated 55W charger can be the biggest challenge and expense. The same goes for Samsung.

Considered Xiaomi Mi 11 price The lack of a charger can be excused?

Here are the prices for Xiaomi Mi 11. How do you say it … Anyway, see for yourself, because you will not believe it

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