Buckingham Palace workers Planning to block the Netflix cameraThat goes with Harry and Meghan. The couple announced that they would arrive in Great Britain to celebrate the queen’s jubilee, but commentators believe that this decision was made not for the sake of the queen, but for the sake of the couple’s portrait.

Netflix has pulled production from Meghan Markle’s series

Buckingham Palace Planning to ban Netflix cameras

Although Harry and Meghan will not appear on ‘The Famous Balcony’, the couple is expected to continue to play an important role in the event, and some royal advisors are Concerned about the possibility of family tensionIf the film crew also shows:

Older family members think Netflix would see this as a great opportunity to cash in on the million dollar deal with Harry and Meghan.

Netflix needs a scandal?

Netflix pays them millions and they give the best interviews to other TV networks. Do they expect Netflix to be happy about that? Said one of the media experts on the DailyMail.

Prince Harry and Meghan, ‘ridiculously playing with the Queen’s feelings’

The broadcasting giant announced last week that it would be shelving ‘Pearl’, the animated series Meghan is planning about a 12-year-old girl inspired by famous female characters in history. Supposedly This is Netflix’s snap-on-the-nose scheme. Will Harry and Meghan now have to give them some exclusive royal ‘dirt’?

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