Prince Harry With Husband, Meghan Markle recently appeared in the Netherlands and also visited the man’s home. The event was commented eagerly in the press as the 37-year-old returned home after a long absence. The flight from the United States itself was not without scandal.

grandson Queen Elizabeth II He did not return to Poland for a long time. He argued in his behavior that he feared for his life. However, the persecution passed when Harry and Meghan felt an opportunity to promote themselves in the material for Netflix, to be created soon. Registration initially relates to sporting events organized by the Sussex Foundation.

Harry with his wife During the meeting with the Queen, they wanted to record itInclude the statement in production. Elizabeth’s company refused, and Harry and Meghan left the palace walls empty.

Soon, the couple will return to Great Britain, and the foreign media are looking forward to another scandal related to them.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are back in Britain. Their arrival in her 37-year-old home may be marked by a scandal that the Western media will surely find out in the couple’s every move and behavior.

Newspapers reported that a rasp may appear on Harry’s line – William. It is undeniable that the brothers who have never been separated do not have time for each other and are in an alleged struggle. Their relationship had deteriorated to the point that The future king doesn’t plan to invite the only brother to his birthdaywhich will be celebrated in June.

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Harry, Meghan, William and Kate Previously known as the “Big Four”, they were last seen together on March 9, 2020. The atmosphere was turbulent, however, and the photojournalists enjoyed their stand during service at Westminster Abbey. Brothers and sisters didn’t exchange a word with each other, but Harry’s expression showed that he was angry.

What is the reason for William’s hatred of Harry? It turned out that a moment ago there was news that the younger brother was leaving his family and traveling to the United States. This news allegedly upset the future king.

Two years later, the Sussex family will have to face the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge again In the official ceremony that will be the jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II.

The Daily Mail suspects that the entire family may be attending mass in St. Paul, which will be held on June 3.

Will the siblings avoid each other again this time? Or maybe the relationship will improve and the brothers will spend time together?

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