HarmonyOS is developing at a rapid pace, as evidenced by the number of active developers – half a million developers are already working on applications.

Two days ago we met The most important details of the HarmonyOS ecosystem It combines many types of devices – not only phones and watches, but also tablets, car gadgets and headphones.

picture. Huawei

More news about the program shows Huawei’s momentum. Upgrade to HarmonyOS You will receive up to a hundred devices, Including models with five years of experience – do you hold a Mate 9 or P10 in your hand? You don’t have to worry about the availability of the most important news.

HarmonyOS made a good impressionا

In addition, HarmonyOS is now an open and developer friendly platform في 500,000 developers joined the project from all over the world. That’s a great bunch, and let’s remember that Huawei’s system is still on the crawl and just had its world debut.


picture. Huawei

The system is definitely not written by Huawei from scratch, but It has been greatly improved already in the first layer stage. The company notes a 42% increase in performance (perhaps compared to Android with EMUI) and a microscopic decrease in speed after a long period of use – thanks to this, the phone will not be replaced after 2-3 years.

In addition, HarmonyOS should be designed so that the user returns to the last window that was displayed after closing and restarting the application. The program will not be excessively rude, which many Android smartphones have a problem with – it is clear that the success of this project depends on the amount of RAM and its management.

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The icing on the cake is HarmonyOS, which can convince thousands of customers, with complete synchronization between all devices. Huawei wants the tablet, smartphone, and other gadgets to be treated as one. So far, it looks good on teasers, but mainly for Chinese customers – we’ll see soon what it will be like with Europeans.

HarmonyOS is official. Huawei’s last resort in elegance

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