Hania and Debrauwa are now continuing their autumn tour of Europe. – We believe that music has an infinite power to affect people’s hearts and minds – with these words Polish composer, pianist and singer Hania Rani and composer and cellist Dobrawa Czocher present their much-anticipated debut album “Inner Symphonies” at Deutsche Grammophon.

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Hania Rani and Chesher and their inner symphonies

The recording reflects the closeness of the artistic partnership that has been developing since Hania and Dobrau first met as teenagers at a music school in Gdansk. Recorded in their native Poland (at Szczecin Philharmonic Hall), the album is their first full-length album to contain the original songs. It combines the multi-layered natural sounds of classical instruments with electronic sounds, creating an emotionally charged, lyrical, lasting and vibrant vision of contemporary classical music and taking listeners on a specific journey of winter To spring, from darkness to light, from despair to hope.

Three electronic songs – “Con Moto”, “Dunkel” and “There Will Be Hope” – were released in July and September for a taste of the album’s music, and fans can also enjoy the duo’s unique live performance during DG “Lounge”‘s “Yellow Evening” at the festival. Reeperbahn in Hamburg in September. Earlier this year, Hania and Debrauwa were the stars of the promotional campaign for Netflix Polska, the new movie “Open Your Eyes”, created around the memorable formation of the duo “Dunkel”. In this innovative project, the artists were connected to a brain-computer interface during the performance and the collected signals were transmitted in real time as 3D animation, which was then projected into the surrounding space. You can watch the full movie here:

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Both artists studied at the Friedrich Chopin University of Music in Warsaw and Germany. Earning critical acclaim and a hit on the charts in Poland and Great Britain thanks to her debut solo album, Dobrawa has built an impressive career as a soloist, chamber musician and orchestra player.

The duo will perform “Inner Symphonies” on a European tour in Paris, London, Dublin, Zurich, Utrecht, Cologne, Karlsruhe, Vienna, Prague, Warsaw, Barcelona and Madrid.