Lewis Hamilton He cast a sneak peek at Sir Jackie Stewart after negative comments from a three-time champ targeting his British teammate.

With his victory in the Eifel Grand Prix on Sunday, Hamilton engraved his name once again in the Formula 1 records by equaling Michael Schumacher’s record for most career victories set at 91.

A difference of 69 points Mercedes Teammate Vatry Bottas is in the drivers’ standings, and Hamilton is also set to match Schumacher’s record with seven world titles.

Despite his achievements, Hamilton isn’t on Stewart’s list of the top three drivers ever, With the Scotsman citing instead Juan Manuel Fangio, Jim Clark, and Ayrton Senna, based on the ages in which they raced

Hamilton admits to being baffled as to why the criticism was despite his exploits on the right track.

Hamilton said, “I’ve been knocked on by a lot of people, especially like older drivers, they still have a bee in the hood.” I don’t know why but maybe one day they’ll get over it.

“I have so much respect for the past and myths of the past even though they keep talking negatively about me all the time.

“But I still appreciate them very much because I know it is very difficult, and a different time in history. It was very difficult for them and they are still legends they were at that time.”

Hamilton is convinced he would take a different approach if he found himself in a position similar to Stewart’s in contemplating drivers who would chase his own records for many years.

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“In 20 years, whatever it is, when I look back, I can promise you this: I’m not going to talk about any young driver who comes out and succeeds,” Hamilton insisted.

“Because our responsibility, as an elderly driver, is to shine as brightly as possible and encourage those who …

“There will be another person, be it Max [Verstappen], Or whatever, he’ll haunt the record you set at the end. It’s the wrong kind of personality and approach hoping it won’t break it.

“You have to encourage them, hoping that they live to their full potential. And if that means they reach your record, that is amazing.”

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