According to the survey, the British have growing doubts about the future of their country.

For comparison, in 2014, three months before the Scottish independence referendum, 45%. Respondents replied that within 10 years the UK would remain unchanged. 43 percent have a different opinion. responders.

“The British are now divided in expectations about the future of the (British) union much more than they were in 2014, when its future was hotly debated with Scotland just three months before the independence referendum,” commented Ipsos Morey Scotland managing director Emily Gray.

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As Emily Gray says, independence is one of the most important topics in the electoral debate in Scotland. The issue of secession from the United Kingdom is systematically returning.

In a local referendum in 2016, a clear majority of Scots chose to remain in the EU.

Scottish Independent Prime Minister and SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon has announced that after the House of Commons elections on December 12, she will send a formal request to the government in London to approve a new independence. Referendum.

Voices of secession are also heard in Northern Ireland, where Republican parties are increasingly talking about reunification with Ireland, and in Wales.

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