As I mentioned BBCMartin Moyes landed at the capital’s airport Haiti On Saturday 17 July. On the runway she was greeted by the acting officer الضابط the first show Claude Joseph. Moyes was wearing a launcher and a flak jacket. A Haitian official wrote on Twitter that Jovenel Moise’s widow is back to prepare for her husband’s funeral next week.

Haiti. Martin Moyes is back in the country. “Thank you to the Guardian Angels team.”

Do coup The life of the President of Haiti occurred on the night of July 6-7. The attackers broke into Jovenel Moyes’ private home in Port-au-Prince. The assailants shot the president and wounded his wife. Martin Moyes said the attack moved so quickly that her husband could not “utter a word”.

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After the attack, Martin Moyes was taken to a hospital in Miami, Florida. “Thank you to the team of Guardian Angels who helped me get through this difficult time. With the kindest touch, kindness and care I was able to endure. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! — she wrote on Twitter while in hospital.

After the attack, interim Prime Minister Claude Joseph declared a state of emergency and called the United Nations to urgently convene a meeting of the Security Council. killing Both the United States and the European Union condemned Haiti’s president.

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Haiti. The suspects in the attack have been arrested

A few days after the attack, Haitian police reported the shooting of four participants and the arrest of 11 others the police Leon Charles stated at a press conference that they were captured in the building of the Taiwanese embassy they invaded. The attack involved 28 attackers – 26 Colombians and two Haitian Americans. According to the police chief, this was a well-trained group, some of whom were ex-Colombian soldiers. Charles stressed that “the investigation into the perpetrators of the attack is still ongoing.”

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Jovenel Moise was elected President of Haiti in November 2016, and took office three months later. Before starting his political career, Moyes was in show business. The owner was, among other things, of a banana plantation of 10 hectares, and in 2001 he was involved in activities related to water management. The opposition claimed that Moyes won the election as a result of fraud and accused him of trying to increase his power by reducing judicial oversight over government contracts. As I demanded it after four years rz ± dów relinquish power. Moyes refused to write new letters elections presidential.

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