The second round of Formula 1 pre-season testing will begin on Thursday in Bahrain. There is a risk that we will not see Haas in action on the first day of work. All because of logistical problems. Haas has not yet toured the Middle East.

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Hass-free Russian colors

PRESS MATERIAL / Haas / Pictured: Haas is stripped of Russian colors

Haas has not disappeared from the headlines in recent days. All because of confusion about Nikita Mazepin and the Russian Shepherd. After the announcement on Saturday that the 23-year-old had been expelled from the squad, it looked like the end of the US team’s woes. Nothing could be more wrong.

There is a huge risk that we will not see the Haas car in action on the first day of Formula 1 in Bahrain on Thursday. It’s related to logistical problems. US team equipment stuck at Doncaster Airport, UK. He was still in the UK on Monday afternoon, although he should have been on his way to the Middle East by now.

A Haas spokesman said there is hope that the equipment will arrive in Bahrain on Tuesday, after which the team will get their hands on getting their properties ready and unloading on time. All other Formula 1 teams have already checked in at Sakhir.

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The plane, which was stopped in Istanbul, which disrupted the supply chain and did not reach the UK on time, is responsible for the problems.

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If you miss the first day of testing in Bahrain, it will be a huge blow to Haas. Already during the previous test in Barcelona, ​​the American team had serious problems with their car. This translated into a short distance covered by Nikita Mazpin and Mick Schumacher.

Auto Motor und Sport reports that in the event of a delay in driving in Bahrain, the US team may benefit from “force majeure” rules allowing it to have an extra test day on a different date.

The Russian driver in Bahrain will be replaced by a Haas backup – Pietro Fittipaldi. However, the Brazilian is only a temporary option for Americans at the moment. In subsequent races, the most experienced driver will be behind the wheel. Antonio Giovinazzi has the best employment opportunity at the moment.

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