Pep Guardiola He won the Champions League twice as a coach – but the last time he won in that competition was over a decade ago, in 2011, when FC Barcelona beat Manchester United. This year, he won’t make it to the LM Cup either – his players practically launched the promotion to the final at the last minute.

After the 1-3 loss to Madrid, the Catalan was criticized mainly for his personal decisions – fans and commentators noted that he was not affected by the changes, which would have affected the later stage of the match. However, there is no doubt that the belief of the management of the “citizens” in the team manager remains steadfast.

According to what was reported by British media, including the “Daily Star”, Guardiola will soon extend his contract with the club for exactly three years – until 2025. The coach is now more determined to finally win the Champions League with Mouloudia, which he would have confirmed in recent talks with the management of team from Manchester.

Thus, it seems that speculation about the coach’s future will finally come to an end alone Pep Guardiola Anyway, from time to time he would add fuel to the fire, saying that even not so long ago “It might be gone in three months or five years.”.

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According to the “DM”, the 51-year-old now sees great hopes for the coming years at the Etihad Stadium in bringing Erling Haaland – the super shooter at Borussia Dortmund will be a key factor that will change the fate of the “Nationals” in the field of European competitions.

Will the Norwegian really come to England? It is still not entirely certain, and Guardiola himself clearly says that it is now He should focus on the Premier League with his current players We are only a few games away from the moment we know the winner of these games. There are two teams in two – apart from the ‘Citizens’, there is Liverpool FC, which, however, still has…the Champions League for the long haul.

Manchester He will play his last four matches this season against Newcastle United, Wolverhampton Wanderers, West Ham United and Aston Villa.