March 19, 2022, 15:00

author: Patrick Dukasz Kobeck

Grand Theft Auto V is now available on the next generation of consoles. So how does the PlayStation 5 version compare to the PS4 version and why does it bother PC gamers?

In short:

  1. The Digital Foundry team’s analysis shows that the next generation release GTA V It can fix more things;
  2. What we got is the best in the PS5 version…
  3. …and it annoys many PC gamers at the same time.

for the first time Grand Theft Auto V It happened nearly a decade ago, two generations before consoles. Despite this, Rockstar Games has prepared the game for the next premiere – this time Michael, Trevor and Franklin will be able to sponsor PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S users.

How is the new version of the fifth GT On PS5 vs Current PS4 and PC? check with digital foundry And the Eurogamer.

PlayStation 5 is better than PC

Not many options are available on PS5 on PC, which is causing frustration for gamers around the world. This is evidenced, for example, in redditWhere among the absent (or impossible to integrate) improvements to the PC they mention, among others:

  1. 1440p mode with 60fps and ray tracing shadows that look better than computers;
  2. Fixed uneven frame rate in scenes on PS5, but not on PC;
  3. The simple “primitive” camera motion blur (still used on PC) has been replaced by a modern one, superimposed on each object;
  4. Anti-aliasing functions of MSAA and proto-TXAA have been replaced by modern TAA which works better and consumes fewer resources;
  5. The PS5 has a native HDR app.
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I will explain in detail a few of the above details below.

The feature of the new console “Blue” over the old one has already been revealed at the installation stage, as well as – in the main menu. After the game is downloaded to PS4, additional time (may be up to an hour) is required to install components, while production on PS5 is immediately ready to begin. The menu itself works on “five” at 60 fps, while on the older generation console and on “cans” it works at 30 fps. Presumably nothing, but this slight difference illustrates the advantage of the new Sony equipment.

On the new consoles, the animation of the characters was improved at 60 frames per second – also with respect to computers I had problems with. The movements of the avatar are smoother, and more pleasing to the eye. These improvements affect first-person motion blur that was previously applied to individual objects (most, but not all). In the PS5 version, this effect is widely used throughout the game.

The overall improvement in image quality is due to the use of anti-aliasing technology known from Red Dead Redemption 2. Flicker, noise, and unwanted blending of color spots are reduced to the extent that GTA V With 1440p resolution on PS5, it can look better than native 4K resolution on PC.

In addition, the shadows are greatly improved, although they can still blur in a way that is annoying to the eye. Among the things that still limp, there is also anisotropic filtering (not actually corrected compared to the previous generation) and distance to draw things, carried live from PS4. In these respects, personal computers are certainly ahead.

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First time in Los Santos? Or maybe a return after many years? You will not get lost in the world with our guide Grand Theft Auto V:

  1. GTA V . game guide

The best version of GTA V

In conclusion, the present GTA V This is the best version of the game ever, which should come as no surprise. On the PlayStation 5, it runs much smoother in most cases, and in many respects it’s nicer than the PC version. The only serious downside of the Japanese device is the lack of an increase in the range of detail – the rest of the visual fireworks available on the “stoves” do not make the game look better.

as Confirms The Digital Foundry script on Eurogame looks like Rockstar could have done more GT At the premiere, it was more in line with today’s standards. If you expect improvements on par with eg Metro Exit: Enhanced EditionYou may be disappointed. 60fps, ray tracing and some small improvements – that’s how you can sum up my old review in a few words Grand Theft Auto V.