Today’s Xbox Game Pass catalog has been expanded with three productions, but without a doubt the most important item for many will be GTA San Andreas The Definitive Edition. The updated version of the game Rockstar has been added to the catalog.

November 11 is a very interesting day for Xbox Game Pass fans, because today the catalog of the service has been expanded with up to three new productions. The compilation is interesting because we not only get the warranty from Rockstar, but also two smaller games.

You see, Xbox Game Pass customers don’t have to buy the entire Grand Theft Auto trilogy to see a fun item — it’s also a good opportunity to check if it’s worth accessing the entire collection at all. It’s currently unclear how long San Andreas will remain in the catalog, but it’s worth noting that Rockstar Games will drop out of the XGP library after some time.

I also encourage you to try the other two suggestions like Dicey Dungeons (Learn the details(One step from Eden)Watch the trailer) Promise to be smaller, but also very fun products. I get the impression that Xbox Game Pass is perfect for trying out such games.

What are you playing today? 😉