Rockstar confirmed GTA 5 playback and quality details on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S. Players can count on improved graphics and smoother gameplay. However, the creators do not provide a single important information.

On March 15, 2022, GTA 5 will hit PS5 and XSX | S. Rockstar hasn’t provided details for a long time, but we just received details that should reassure Grand Theft Auto fans. It is clear that developers want to use the full potential of the latest platforms.

You will receive GTA 5 on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S Three game modes – Players can count on improved graphics, smoother gameplay, or ray tracing:

  • Fidelity mode in GTA 5 is adapted to the highest quality linkage and runs at 30 frames per second. The PS5 and Xbox Series X versions will run in native 4K resolution with ray tracing enabled. On Xbox Series S, we get “higher than 4K resolution”.
  • Game performance mode “tuned for the most responsive gameplay” and delivers 60 frames per second. On PS5 and Xbox Series X, developers will also offer 4K resolution, and we’ll be playing in 1080p on XSS.
  • Performance RT mode is only available on the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions of GTA 5 and is a combination of the previously mentioned modes – 4K resolution, ray tracing, and 60fps target.

Rockstar also confirms that it has made “a number of visual improvements”, Among them are improved lighting, shadows and water reflections, as well as an increase in the population, diversification of traffic and an increase in the density of vegetation. The creators also remembered to reduce loading times, and in addition to this, the new GTA 5 will receive “new and very detailed explosions”.

If you’re going to play Grand Theft Auto 5 on PlayStation 5, you’ll feel the tactile sensations and take advantage of the power of adaptive triggers. The developers will provide us with new sensations (vibrations) thanks to the effects of weather and damage while driving, we will feel the surface and the explosions.

Rockstar will also offer the option to port the gameplay from GTA 5 and progress from GTA Online from PlayStation 4 and Xbox One to the current generation. The institution confirms that It will be a “one-time transfer”.

There is one thing missing from this whole set of facts – Will Take-Two and Rockstar Provide a Free Update? apparently no Because we might suspect that companies would have flaunted this option a long time ago. It is worth noting that in April, the improved GTA 5 will go to the chests.

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