“There are more and more immigrants in Minsk,” he wrote in Sunday On Twitter Franciszak Vyachorka, Belarusian social activist, candidate advisor at elections Presidency Swiatłana Cichanouska.

He added that migrants “gather in the center of the capital, near the entrance to the Galleria Minsk shopping center.”

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“They are waiting to be sent to the border with the European Union. Many of them believe that Lukashenka has become his hostage,” Vyachorka said. The activist also shared a recording from the profile dmitry.traveler on TikToku.

The independent Belarusian news channel Nexta confirmed in weekend On my Telegram profile, the neighborhood around the mall has almost become an “immigration camp”. Earlier, it was reported that it was the “favorite place of Minsk youth”.

The portal also adds that immigrants buy at bazaars”things Necessary to cross the border.” Foreigners have also been seen near state-owned hotels, where they are picked up by minibuses and brought to the border.

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Minsk. Migrants waiting to be transferred to the European Union

These are the upcoming reports on the large number of immigrants in the capital Biorosian. In mid-October, the Nexta channel published a short video from the Minsk airport. The film showed dozens of foreigners lounging on the benches and floor of the airport, waiting for people to take them to the western border.

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The channel that published the recording on Twitter also stated that “most of the passengers on the Dubai-Minsk flights are Iraqis.”

After leaving the airport, migrants end up in hotels in Minsk and are usually accompanied by representatives of Belarusian travel agencies, but residents of the city reported an increase in the number of migrants sleeping on the streets for several weeks.