In the free competition for the best public space 2020 in Poland, organized by the Polish City Planners Association, in the category of public spaces revitalized in green, the first prize was awarded for the investment of Świdnica, that is, the revitalization of green spaces.

According to the competition organizers, the prize was awarded for the comprehensive restoration of three gardens, which were carried out according to traditions and customs. City history. As a result of the reassessment, places that integrate the local community, dedicated to rest, recreation and entertainment have been created. The multi-faceted renovation of the Władysław Sikorski park, the central park and the square on the 1000th anniversary of the Polish state is part of the comprehensive program “Revitalizing Green Spaces in Świdnica”, which aims to restore the natural and landscape values ​​of park spaces and create a new attraction for the city.
The main objective of the competition is to shape a modern image of the country by promoting the best urban and architectural projects. The granted investments will be promoted through the media.

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Let us remind you that in carrying out a mission entitled “Revitalizing Green Zones in Świdnica”, the city used external funds from the Operational Program Infrastructure and Environment through the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management. The total value of the project is PLN 23,105,056.55, including the financing PLN 14,245,496.09 PLN. More than 18 hectares of green space have been revitalized.

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Expanding educational infrastructure in valuable natural areas managed by Geopark Kielce is a project that won the Grand Prize. In category Public space In green, the award is awarded to the Memorial Park of the Great Synagogue in Owicim and the educational institution of the Jewish Center in Owicim. However, in the revitalized urban public spaces category, the prize was awarded for the “train to culture” investment, i.e. development of the former railroad district of Pleszew and Pleszew Town and Commune.

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