The announcement of new restrictions on the city of Mykonos has led to more tourists canceling their holidays on this Greek island, according to Reuters. Soon there will be a curfew and a ban on playing music in restaurants.

Tourism accounts for up to 20 percent. Greek economy. Given this sector’s large share of GDP, Greece is highly anticipating a significant influx of tourists and a recovery after the 2020 crisis, according to Reuters.

However, the new restrictions may hamper compensation for losses. According to an announcement by the Greek government, From July 26, there will be a curfew on the island of Mykonos from 1am to 6am. Restrictions were also imposed on places to eat. Music will not be played in bars and restaurants.

Mykonos is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Greece. During the high season, the island attracts over a million people, including many celebrities. Mykonos is famous not only for its picturesque beaches, but also for parties and a rich nightlife.

‘Destroying the economy at a critical moment’

“They decided to destroy the island’s economy at an important time of the year,” said Iraklis Zisimopoulos, owner of two hotels, two restaurants and four bars on the island. “I hope they change their mind soon,” Zizimopoulos confirmed. He added that he had already canceled 30-40 hotel reservations.

Bars and clubs were closed on Sunday morning and the island’s narrow streets, which are usually packed with party crowds, took to the streets.

– I lost money and time and took an unpaid vacation. Dina, a tourist from Saudi Arabia, said goodbye to Mykonos.

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– it’s my birthday. I came to celebrate and there’s no music so I can’t celebrate it, Spanish traveler Jesus Marino complained. He would say, “Return the music, please, please, please.”

“It ruined our holiday,” said Camilla Pierce from the UK.

Other travelers admit that they will spend their holidays on nearby islands.

Restrictions in Greece

In recent weeks, the number of SARS-CoV-2 infections in Greece has increased significantly. To contain the pandemic, vaccination against COVID-19 has been made mandatory for medical workers and nursing home staff.

Many inland areas, such as restaurants, bars and cinemas, can only be accessed as of Friday with a certificate of vaccination or a negative coronavirus test result three days in advance.

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