– We repeat every day: Close the skies of Ukraine. For all Russian missiles, for military aviation, for all these terrorists. Create humanitarian airspace, no missiles or bombs. We are human beings and it is your human duty to protect us – to protect the people. And you can do it – said Volodymyr Zelensky a few days ago on social media.

And besides: – If you don’t, even if you don’t even give us planes so that we can defend ourselves, then there can only be one conclusion: you also want us to be killed. This is the responsibility of global politicians and Western leaders – said the President of Ukraine.

The appeal is still valid. It can be said that it is getting stronger day by day. The message was reinforced by the actions of the Russian army, which constantly shoots at civilian targets in Ukrainian towns and villages. Even worse – the humanitarian corridors used to evacuate civilians, which the Russians agreed to earlier.

Request a project you don’t know what to do with it

It is not easy for the West to fulfill the request of the President of Ukraine. Western leaders unanimously assert that closing the airspace over the attacking country would lead to NATO’s direct participation in the conflict. And this, for example, the United States is trying to avoid at all costs.

The state authorities, including President Andrei Duda, repeat like a mantra – “Our MiGs are ours“So there are no obvious fighters willing to hand over fighters to Ukraine. Although voices are pouring in from the West, which can be seen as a timid encouragement to share military equipment.

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The United States does not mind

The United States is cautious about the idea of ​​Poland, the eastern frontier of NATO, speaking cautiously. However, they are giving the green light for this form of aid to Ukraine.

This is the sovereign decision of Poland. We are not in any way against Poland’s delivery of aircraft to Ukraine […]But White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said Monday (March 7) that there are a number of practical issues, including how the planes will be delivered.

She added that the issue of supplying the United States with American fighters to Poland to fill these shortcomings was also complicated. However, she noted, this arms transfer usually takes even years.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby spoke in the same vein on Monday. But as he added, Discussions are still ongoing about how the United States will compensate Poland for the loss if Warsaw decides to deliver MiG-29s to Ukraine.

Great Britain supports Poland but warns

– I will support the Poles, regardless of their choice. The countries neighboring Russia and Ukraine will face immediate consequences. We will protect Poland, We will help them with whatever they need Wallace told Sky News.

The British Defense Secretary later added: “Poland understands that the elections it will hold will not only help Ukraine directly, which is a good thing, but alsoHow can they put them in the direct line of fire from countries like Russia or BelarusAnd (Poland) needs to calibrate this risk. This is, in fact, a great responsibility of the President of Poland and the Minister of Defense.