London. Illustrative image. Andy Ryan Babb/EPA photo

The British Foreign Office said that Britain imposed, on Thursday, sanctions on two senior Russian oligarchs, Eugene Tenenbaum and David Dawidovich, close to the other oligarch, Roman Abramovich.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the value of the assets to which each of the oligarchs is linked is 10 billion pounds, and Thursday’s decision means that the number of oligarchs and their family members punished after the Russian attack on Ukraine has risen to 106.

Abramovich’s right hand

Tenenbaum describes himself as one of Abramowicz’s closest business partners. One of the managers of the Chelsea London football club, which Abramovich is currently selling, and on the day of the Russian attack on Ukraine took control of the associated investment company Evrington Investments Limited. In March, the same company was taken over by Dawidowicz, who is described as the right-hand man of Abramovich who remains in the shadows.

The assets of both have been frozen and any aircraft or ship they own, lease, control or operate in the UK will be seized. Furthermore, Dawidowicz was banned from entering that country. Abramovich himself was subject to UK sanctions in March (PAP)

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