The only portrait of British Queen Elizabeth II on the occasion of the platinum jubilee of her reign by the Polish painter Barbara Kaczmarovska Hamilton – Report the BritishPoles website.

Kachmarovska Hamilton is a portrait painter from Sopot, a graduate of the Gdask Academy of Fine Arts, who has been living and working in London for several decades. Over the years, she has submitted numerous photos of famous people. They were from the Polish community in London, among others Prince Jan Sabha and his wife Maria, Prince Eugenius Lubomirski, President of the Republic of Poland in exile Eduard Raczynski, Irina Anders.

As BritishPoles writes, the artist reached the British aristocracy through painting. The Duke of Kent, Michael, was the first person of the royal family. The painting was so popular that more and more orders appeared. Most important to date – and his favourite, as he often asserts – was the image of the Queen Mother. Kachmarovska Hamilton met her at May Castle in Caithness in northern Scotland, where her sister-in-law’s estate, a Scotsman, was nearby. Elizabeth II’s mother was 101 years old at the time the photograph was taken, and the painting now hangs at the Sikorsky Institute in London. It was also taken by the Queen’s daughter, Princess Anna, the Queen’s cousin, Prince Edward of Kent, and Sarah, Prince Andrew’s wife at the time.

Before the main celebration of the 70th anniversary of the reign of Elizabeth II, Barbara Kaczmarovska Hamilton was invited to Windsor Castle to paint the Queen. According to the portal, she was very warmly received, and the queen turned out to be a warm, cheerful and talkative person. The artist completed the image in her London studio in South Kensington. The Queen had already seen the final image in the picture and wished it would be hung with her at Windsor Castle, where she will be exactly at the start of the platinum jubilee celebration, which runs from Thursday to Sunday.

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In addition to the portrait by a Polish painter, a new photograph of Elizabeth II was presented by Ranald McKinney on the eve of the festivities. (PAP)

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