Britain’s health minister was supposed to provide such assurances during a meeting on Thursday with a group of Conservative MPs, reports The Times. Sajid Javid was supposed to figure that out In light of the low number of new infections, certificates are no longer needed And that he “shares their innate malaise” with them.

Covid passports sparked resistance from Johnson’s party

If this information is confirmed, changes in this regard are expected from February. The next review of the restrictions is scheduled for January 26. According to the news, the only commitment in the UK is likely to remain Wear masks in enclosed public places.

Currently, Britons require covid certificates to participate in group events that exceed certain attendance limits. This ruling, however, sparked the most controversy In the Covid ‘Plan B’ prepared by the government, which was the result of the emergence of the Omikron variant.

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Nearly 100 Conservative MPs voted against their government at the time. This is the largest rebellion since Boris Johnson took over the country.

Wales is also trying to ease restrictions

The Welsh government also will not fall asleep among the ash pears. on Friday Announced the gradual lifting of the restrictions introduced with the Omikron . variant. These restrictions were stricter than those in England.


Still though covid certificates will be applied, which were introduced in Wales before the advent of Omicron.


Scotland is also taking a similar path. There are also restrictions compared to Wales, but on Tuesday the Scottish government announced a gradual exit from the lockdown.

Less than 100,000 infections in the UK

On Friday, it was reported that 99.6 thousand people were detected in the UK in the last 24 hours. New coronavirus infections, first in 24 days, fall below 100,000 Peak of UK Omikron infections are believed to be over.