Ahead of the Glasgow COP 26 and Joe Biden summit later this week, the UK announced a new climate target for 2035 of 78%. Also new is that it will include aviation and shipping.

This is the next step for the UK after setting the 68% target. Reduction in 2030. The UK government was also the first major economy to decide to include emissions from the aviation and marine industries in emission reduction targets.

The British adopted this decision on the recommendation of the official advisory body, the Climate Change Committee.

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“We want world leaders to follow our example and live up to our ambitions ahead of the major climate summit COP26, as we will rebuild greener and protect our planet if we unite to take action.” – Said the Prime Minister of Great Britain, Boris Johnson.

For many years, emissions from these industries have not been regulated at the national level. Meanwhile, before the pandemic, the British were traveling abroad more than any other country, according to the information The Independent.

Although UK emissions are down by 43 percent. Compared to 1990, aviation has grown by 125 percent.

The new target will become law by the end of June 2021. In exchange, the legislation defining the UK government’s obligations will be submitted to the UK Parliament today.

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