Boris Johnson announced on Friday that the UK, instead of sending its tanks to Ukraine, is planning to deliver them to Poland. Then our armed forces will be able to send T72 tanks to the eastern neighbors – reports “The Independent”. In this way, if the armored vehicles are delivered to the Ukrainian armed forces, the defensive capabilities of the Polish army will not change.

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Ukrainian army blows up the bridge near the Russian column

Great Britain wants to send tanks to Poland

We want to make sure that the pressure on Putin will escalate wave after wave, as the Prime Minister stressed during a press conference in India. – We are looking at how to support countries such as Poland, which may want to deliver heavy weapons to the Ukrainians – he added.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson also announced that the British diplomatic mission in Kyiv will be reopened next week. The head of the British government said – the persistence and extraordinary effectiveness of President Volodymyr Zelensky and the Ukrainians in opposing Russian forces in Kyiv means that I can announce that next week we will reopen our embassy in the Ukrainian capital. Spain announced a similar decision yesterday.

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Earlier, Johnson said that negotiations with Russian President Vladimir Putin were “a struggle with an crocodile” and that it would be difficult for Ukrainians to negotiate peace with such an unreliable leader.

Boris Johnson also said that Vladimir Putin had made it clear that he wanted to reach most of Ukraine and could launch another attack on Kyiv. – How do you negotiate with the crocodile while he has his teeth? The British Prime Minister said that this is the difficulty Ukrainians are facing. He added that the president of Russia was showing a clear lack of goodwill.

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