They were being punished Chief of the Belarusian General Staff and at the same time the First Deputy Minister of Defense Major General Wiktar Gulewicz, Three other deputy defense ministersalso in the rank of major general – Andrei Bordeko, Syarhi Simonenko and Andrei Zhuk. The military will not be able to travel to the UK and their assets there will be frozen.

It is not the end. Sanctions were also imposed on two companies with asset freezes 5588ARP, which repairs military aircraft, and Integral Corporation, a manufacturer of military semiconductors.

The British Foreign Office disputes its decision with the fact that in the run-up to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Belarus participated in joint military exercises with Russia, and Some Russian forces entered Ukraine from the Belarusian border. General Gulevich led the exercises on the Belarusian side and approved the deployment of Russian troops along the Belarus-Ukrainian border.

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“We are causing economic suffering to (Vladimir) Putin and those close to him. We will not rest until the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine are restored. (Alexander) Lukashenka’s regime actively aids and abets an illegal invasion of Russia and will have to feel the economic consequences of supporting PutinSecretary of State Liz Truss said.