According to the information BBC Johnson and Snack were to receive penalty fines for their participation in organized events, among other things in Downing Street.

A spokesman for the British Prime Minister did not confirm the reason for the punishment.

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Fines for illegal entry into Downing Street

British police began issuing fines for entering the illegal lockdown in Downing Street in late March. On March 29, 20 tickets were issued – then the police confirmed that this was only the beginning. A total of 50 states have been enforced so far. The investigation into a breach of the Covid rules is ongoing.

Great Britain. Downing Street Party Scandal

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Boris Johnson on new sanctions against Russia and Belarus

In mid-2021, British media reported that Downing Street employees, led by Boris Johnson, were organizing parties at the Prime Minister’s Residence to violate lockdown rules at the height of the pandemic.

The investigation into the case relates to 12 gatherings held in 2020 and 2021 at 10 Downing Street and the Government Administration Center (Whitehall). According to the BBC, Boris Johnson participated in at least three events on May 20, 2020, June 19, 2020 and November 13, 2020.

According to the Daily Mirror, the British prime minister has not only been aware of the parties but has also encouraged staff to get involved.

Daily Mirror: Regular ‘Fridays Wine’ in Downing Street

The Daily Mirror in late January described the events in Downing Street. “It started with a trip to the store. The assistants went to a small supermarket next to Westminster tube station and came back with bottles” – reports the British daily.

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According to the Daily Mirror’s sources, alcohol There were so many that they were transported in suitcases on wheels, and as the meetings became more popular, participants invested in a refrigerator with 34 bottles.

The Daily Mirror whistleblower reported that Boris Johnson often walked past the party room as he made his way upstairs to his apartment. “He knew and encouraged her,” said one of the newspaper’s interviewees.

Covid regulations in the UK at the time stipulated that a maximum of two people could participate in indoor social gatherings.