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Before Boris Johnson entered politics, he made up fake news

The Metropolitan Police said Wednesday night that it has begun contacting 50 individuals who may have participated in the 12 Downing Street events under investigation that were due to take place during the lockdown. Some of them were scheduled to attend British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Great Britain. Boris Johnson is set to give an explanation of the events of Downing Street

People contacted by the police were given an electronic form to fill out, in which they had to answer questions about their presence and the course of these events. Questionnaires have an official legal status, which means that each person will have to answer them honestly. They have seven days to do so.

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– We confirm that the Prime Minister received a questionnaire from the Metropolitan Police. A spokesman for the British Prime Minister said that he will respond as required.Evening Standard“.

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Police: Just because someone got a form doesn’t mean they pay a fine on the spot

Mitt stressed that simply sending the questionnaire does not mean that the interviewee will be fined immediately. However, if, during the investigation, the police find that they have violated COVID-19 restrictions without a valid reason, this punishment will likely be imposed.

Boris Johnson had previously suggested that he would not resign even if he received a fine, but some MPs from his Conservative Party believe that would be irreconcilable and therefore a resignation would be inevitable.

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The purpose of the “Hellman Process” investigation is to shed light on the conditions of 12 informal social events in Downing Street that were allegedly held despite the restrictions. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was scheduled to attend some of them. The police are considering extending the investigation into another incident, which was reported by the media in early February, and has remained calm so far.

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