According to a survey conducted by the Sky News TV channel, support for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has dropped significantly. In a year and a half, from 85 to 61 per cent. The number of party members who believe Boris Johnson is doing well in office has declined. In contrast, it is no longer 5, but 38 percent. Of those interviewed, the British Prime Minister has performed poorly in office.

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Boris Johnson loses support. Most Conservatives say they’re not doing a good job as prime minister

As News Sky reports, support for Boris Johnson is waning. According to polled members of the Conservative Party, Finance Minister Rishi Sunak and Head of Diplomacy Liz Truss would both be better prime ministers than Boris Johnson, who currently holds the position.

The poll also showed that almost half of them trust the British Prime Minister. 45 percent Johnson is credible, 39 percent. It is of the opposite opinion. 59 percent think Boris Johnson should continue work As party leader, 34 percent. He thinks he should resign. 33 percent of respondents indicated that Boris Johnson should be replaced by Finance Minister Rishi Sunak, and 24 percent that the chief diplomat should be Liz Truss.

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And Sky News shows that Rishi Sunaka, according to 46 percent. Of those surveyed, a better prime minister would be Boris Johnson, 16 per cent. He claims it will be worse. 39 percent think Truss would be better than the current prime minister, and 22 percent. – It’s worse.

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Rebellion against Boris Johnson. It’s about a pandemic

In mid-December, nearly a hundred Conservatives opposed the Covid certificates that Boris Johnson had pushed for in England. The idea “passed” thanks to the votes of the opposition Labor Party, but that weakened the prime minister’s position. After the vote described as a rebellion against Johnson, leftist leader Keir Starmer argued that the prime minister’s power had deteriorated and that he was now dependent on the opposition. Earlier, he announced that “as a national group”, he would support government-driven solutions to protect the health of English citizens.

Boris JohnsonMedia coverage of the scandal of the Downing Street pizza party. Johnson was scheduled to attend the event

A YouGov poll of 1,005 Conservative Party members was conducted for Sky News. It ran from December 30 to January 6 and was the first survey of its kind since July 2020.