On the morning of February 11, changes related to travel to the United Kingdom were implemented. The new rules apply to both vaccinated and unvaccinated against COVID-19. The updated restrictions on entry into the country apply to the entire United Kingdom.

Entering Great Britain and COVID-19. travel changes

Restrictions on travelers’ access to the British Isles have been eased. In the case of fully vaccinated people, the obligation to test for the presence of coronavirus was rescinded shortly after crossing the country’s borders. The obligation to take pre-travel testing and quarantine upon arrival ceased earlier. Therefore the only travel requirement is to fill in the locator form prior to arrival.

They are exposed to more paperwork and measures taken to contain the spread of the virus Persons who are not fully vaccinated. Despite this, the rules implemented on February 11th provide them with greater facilities than before. They will have to do Single PCR test upon arrival in the UK (And not two – as today). The 10-day quarantine commitment has also been canceledIf the test is negative. The positive result still imposes isolation. Still traveling Take a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) or antigen test to detect the presence of the Coronavirus within two days before arrival and completion of the localization form.

United Kingdom – Current Restrictions

In England, nearly all COVID-19 restrictions were lifted at the end of January. On February 9, Boris Johnson announced that The requirement to isolate people infected with the Coronavirus will be lifted at the end of February.

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Johnson’s plan to remove the isolation clause Only applies to EnglandBecause it is the authorities of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland who decide for themselves how often to lift restrictions.

United Kingdom – COVID-19 infection statistics

It is clear that the downward trend of new infections is gaining momentum across the UK in recent days. During the past week, a total of 463.5 thousand of them were discovered, or more than 25 percent. Less than the previous seven days.

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author:Berenika Olesińska

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