As I mentioned bbc.comPhoto by David Morris walking off the coast of the Corniche near Falmouth. The author himself stated that he was stunned after he took it. This phenomenon is very rare in this part of the world and at this time of year.

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A “floating” ship off the coast of Cornwall. The meteorologist explains the unusual phenomenon

Meteorologist David Breen explained that this illusion is caused by a rare weather condition called temperature inversion. Usually, the higher the layers of air, the lower its temperature. We are facing a coup when the colder air is nearer to the sea and warmer above it. Because cold air is denser than warm air, it has a higher global refractive index. An upper mirage is a phenomenon of refraction that occurs multiple times in successive layers of air, causing light to propagate along a curved line. If the observer was in a place where the light was being reflected from the ship, then when the rays that entered his eye stretched out, he would see a simple picture of the ship facing the sky.

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Mirages can create many different types of photos. Here, the distant ship appears to be hovering high above its actual position, but sometimes an object below the horizon can become visible, the expert said.

This type of illusion is common in the Arctic. In Great Britain, it may appear very rarely during the winter. In Poland, mirages, also known as mirages, can be seen in the Błędowska desert and in the highlands of Silesia.

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