When thinking about the places to see in the world while on vacation, consider visiting the UK, especially if we’re not there yet. It is a unique country distinguished by its location, climate, monuments, attitude of its inhabitants towards tourists and original attractions. A visit to it will certainly remain in our memory for a long time.

There are few countries such as Great Britain that are distinguished by their wonderful political system, island location, weather, and monuments. Each region offers tourists something different which is worth taking advantage of, as this country has a lot to offer. The proximity to our country, as well as the convenient and fast air connections, make us ready to visit Great Britain when we envision a weekend shopping in London, visiting the castles of Edinburgh or a match in Manchester.

The course of historical events

The history of Great Britain proves its uniqueness. The states on one of the islands were not always able to cooperate with each other, so it was difficult to determine which of them constituted the borders of Great Britain. Today the situation calmed down a little and thanks to this we can visit England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, which, although very close to each other, are completely different. Of course, the heart of the most important historical events was England – London witness to the greatest revolutions and changes. For this reason, the capital is home to the most important monuments and attractions in the country. London is chosen primarily by enthusiasts of the history of the British monarchy. Other cities also have a lot to offer in terms of impressive castles, palaces, spiers, churches, museums, and art galleries. Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, invites hikers and mountain climbers to climb an inactive volcano. The cliffs attract lovers of extreme experiences and are an important point on every tourist’s list. If you want to see everything with your own eyes, then you should look for cheap flights from Poland to UK. On the page https://www.fru.pl/tanie-loty/do-Wielka+Brytania-GB/ We will find attractive offers for air connections to the largest cities on the island.

Wonderful nature, parks and nature reserves

Great Britain not only boasts bustling cities full of unusual art, culture, and monuments, but also unusual topography and reserves. Their mission is to protect the largest possible number of green spaces against human destruction. The only gorgeous cliffs in the world are just one of the many attractions. In London, make sure to visit the beautiful, well-kept parks that attract people who appreciate nature and its calming effect on people. The Royal Gardens and Amusement Parks are organized events and are a nice way to spend your free time. Nature reserves that protect plant, bird and animal species from extinction are also important places for the inhabitants of this country. By approaching the Canyon, seeing famous places like Stonehenge remains in every tourist’s memory for a long time.

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