Transport Secretary Grant Shaps said the UK will not close its borders as it relies heavily on partners and deals with Europe.

“We are not like Australia. We need open borders not only for tourists, but above all for merchants and transporting goods. The agreements we entered into with European countries and companies are very important for us to exclude them from our economy.”

Recently, many have compared the restrictions on the British border with Australia, which have imposed an almost complete ban on entering the country.

During the interview, Transport Secretary Grant Shaps took a firm stance, saying that countries are very different from each other and that closing borders in the UK will not help the spread of the epidemic, as well as “shattering” the economy.

“Remember, Australia is an entire continent. Such an approach will not work for us.”

And last week the government announced the imposition of a hotel quarantine on visitors from South America, Africa and Portugal.

Many people ask why we can’t just close the borders and wait for the whole situation to end. We cannot, because we are an island and dependent on many commodities produced in Europe and elsewhere in the world. We need medicine, food and materials that are not available from us, ”Saeed J. Shaps.

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