Granit Shaka fights to save his career at Arsenal after his moment of madness proved costly against Burnley, as the club opened up to the Swiss international’s performances.

  • Granit Shaka cost Arsenal again on Sunday in the 1–0 defeat to Burnley
  • Xhaka appeared straight red after he grabbed Ashley Westwood by his throat
  • Now the Swiss midfielder has a lot of work to do to save his career at Arsenal
  • Sportsmail understands Arsenal is open to offers for the 28-year-old

Granit Xhaka faces a battle to save his career at Arsenal as the club issued a stark warning about increased indiscipline on Monday.

Arsenal coach Arteta, who has enjoyed unequivocal support from club heads, described Xhaka’s behavior as “unacceptable” after the midfielder was sent off for criticizing Burnley midfielder Ashley Westwood during a disappointing 1-0 loss on Sunday night.

Sportsmail understands that although he has played regularly for Arsenal since Arteta arrived last year, the club is open to the offers of the Swiss international player.

Granit Shaka was sent off after a moment of madness against Burnley on Sunday evening

Swiss midfielder Ashley Westwood snatched his throat by scoring a 0-0 draw

Swiss midfielder Ashley Westwood snatched his throat by scoring a 0-0 draw

His lack of discipline in the Emirates Sunday night and Arteta’s subsequent public criticisms will only reinforce inner beliefs that Xhaka is dispensable.

In fact, in a rare interview on Monday, Edo coaches issued a stern warning to players about discipline.

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In addition to Xhaka’s red fog, record holder Nicholas Pepe has been sent off during a recent showdown against Leeds for criticizing Izzan Aleowski.

Ido said, “ This (discipline) is an important thing that must be mentioned because this means that you have to be here and be prepared to face this situation because sometimes you are emotional, then you react, in the way that you do not need a reaction and sometimes you make a mistake as They did.

Mikel Arteta described Xhaka's behavior as

Mikel Arteta described Xhaka’s behavior as “unacceptable” after he had cost Arsenal the match

Mikel is in charge, he talks to the players, he tells them we need all the players, so we need 11 players to play against 11 because it is very difficult to play 11 without 11 against any club in England.

“The players have to understand but Mikel is responsible for that, and they talk to the players a lot and they have to understand the importance of not behaving like this.” Edo also lent his support to Arteta after a dismal start to the season as they finished 15th.

If we are not talking about patience with Mikel it will be unfair to him. Because what year we faced.

“Mikel does a great job, he does a really good job here. Players think, the staff enjoy it, everyone believes in it, and everyone tries to be positive here on a daily basis. So nothing really changes.

“I think the club needs stability at the moment, we have faced a lot of changes.

“It’s not about Edo, Mikel, it’s about stability. Now it’s time to try to be a stable club in the old-fashioned sense – externally and internally, we need that.

“Since we got here we have been changing, changing and changing, and now it is time to be stable and together at the same time.” Meanwhile, Edu opened the door for Arsene Wenger to return for the first time to the UAE since leaving in 2018.

Ido added, “It’s very simple. You need strong people and a good personality. I don’t have anything bad to say about Arsene, so if he’s around, that would be good.”

Usually we need someone like him to speak. Sometimes I call people, Mikel invites the good people for advice and it’s always nice to have old men around you.

Edo left the door open for Arsene Wenger to return to the UAE after leaving in 2018

Edo left the door open for Arsene Wenger to return to the UAE after leaving in 2018