Polyphony Digital has just introduced the full content of Update 1.17 to Gran Turismo 7. The developers have prepared some new features, among which is the ease of distinguishing three new cars. The list of machines includes the Suzuki V6 Escudo Pikes Peak Special ’98.

Already at the beginning of the week, we announced a new update for Gran Turismo 7 and the developers have just provided all the details. The files will go into the game tomorrow and those interested in this case will check out three new cars:

  • Ford Roadster 1932
  • SUZUKI V6 Escudo Pikes Peak Special ’98
  • SUZUKI Vision Gran Turismo (Gr.3 version)

As you can see, a good thing for everyone, players will get a classic car from 1932, a 24-year-old machine and a newer vision of Suzuki.

However, that’s not the end of the news, as players will also check out the Watkins Glen International Racecourse, which has a total length of 5,423 meters (height difference: 41 metres, number of bends: 11, longest distance: 560 metres). Players can try two different types of track, here is its description:

Watkins Glen International is located approximately 260 miles northwest of New York City, approximately in the center of New York City. This asphalt facility has a long history – it was built in 1956, in a picturesque mountainous area. The first half consists of medium and fast turns, and the second half is a technically difficult part with a series of tight turns. The huge difference in height and small track width means that there are often very amazing duels here. One of the biggest attractions is the section that runs directly across from the outer sloping ring and the fast turn. The difference between the long and short path layout is to delete the boot-like partition. “

The developers also expanded the GT Cafe, which included new multi-themed collector quests. The studio confirms that the content will be unlocked for players who have completed the game and have a certain collector’s level.

With update 1.17, three additional menus have been added:

  • Assembly: Toyota86 will be available after reaching collector level 20;
  • Assembly: Honda Type R will be available when collector level 20 is reached;
  • Assembly: The Wankel motor will be available when you reach collector level 32.

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