Polyphony Digital is preparing for the long-awaited version of Gran Turismo 7 and has released a new version of the game on PlayStation ahead of schedule. Thus, a very large production volume has been confirmed on the PS5 – there will be approximately 100 GB to download.

Soon, early journalists will have the opportunity to check out Gran Turismo 7, so the Japanese studio is focusing on the final download. Yesterday, the authors published a new version of the race for the PS5 on the PS Store, confirming that fans of fast driving should prepare plenty of space on the console disk. We can expect developers to use the latest data compression technology – though The PlayStation 5 title is close to 100 GB.

Last month, Polyphony Digital added a huge file to the servers, at the same time it turns out that players will have to download more data. Developers have to cross the 100 GB barrier very quickly.

Gran Turismo® 7 Update 01.020.000 . released

New PS5 Download Size: 96800 GB

The update size for PS4 is about 16 GB

#GranTurismo7 #PS4 #PS5″

Owners of the digital editions of Gran Turismo 7 should be prepared to download approximately 97 GB, On the other hand, if you decide to actually launch the races on PS4, you’ll download about 16GB of data before heading off to the first lap.

It’s worth noting that the developers have more than two weeks to debut and can eventually develop additional updates in a row.

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