There is no clear opinion on whether to unfreeze more sectors of the economy after February 14th. Decisions will be made tomorrow – says government spokesman Piotr Mueller.

Government spokesman Piotr Mueller was a guest this morning at Rzeczpospolita’s TV studio. Interviewed by journalist and political commentator for the daily Mishai Kulanko. Among other things, Kolanko wanted to know when the government would announce what to do with closed services.

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– The government crisis management team will meet at 10 am tomorrow. I expect a conference after this meeting. At least this was the initial plan, Mueller replied.

The journalist was interested in what direction the decision was about to liberalize more services from restrictions, will, for example, hotels open?

Unfortunately, a difficult and complicated debate is taking place here, as there is no consensus on this matter within the Medical Council itself [przy premierze]And in the crisis management team. Therefore, today it is difficult for me to directly announce what will be transferred – said the politician.

“It is not related to infection in the hotel,” he added. The danger is that due to increased mobility, people meet on the way on public transport. They move between provinces. We have seen this problem in Portugal, France and Great Britain. Hence, these are difficult decisions that have not yet been finally taken.

In this context, Kulanco asked how the government assessed the risks of a third wave of infections with the Coronavirus. We are ready for the possibility of the third wave. Therefore, the decision to keep hospitals in storage at all times, which the opposition criticizes. But if there is a third wave, we will be attacked by our unpreparedness. Therefore, like other countries, we are drawing results and hospitals are ready for a greater number of cases, the government spokesman replied.

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As Muller said, compliance with sanitary regulations gives an opportunity not to reach this “third wave of this high level.” Unfortunately, we can already see the downward trend [zakażeń] Has slowed down, which is most likely an effect [ostatniego] Increase social mobility. Inferences must be drawn from today’s data (the conversation took place before the last announcement from the Ministry of Health about the daily number of injuries and deaths).

So is it not certain that liberation will happen? – Kolanko asked.

The situation is that this trend is not as clear as it appeared a few days ago. Of course, based on the data collected by the government crisis management team, we don’t expect any further tightening, but the additional trend will be announced tomorrow, as I said.