Many Russian oligarchs own real estate in the British Isles. Why are they so keen to invest in local real estate? Anna Senkara spoke to British writer Oliver Pollough about this. In the material for Dzień Dobry TVN also showed the magnificent houses of wealthy people from Russia.

Real estate oligarchs in London

In central London and near the Russian Embassy are Kensington Palace Gardens, ie The most expensive street in Great Britain. As revealed by Anna Sankara: “The average cost of a house in this place is more than 35 million pounds, that is, 200 million zlotys.” This is where Prince William and Princess Kate live, as well as Roman Abramovich (his house is worth around £150 million, or about 850 million zlotys), Oleg Deripaska and many very wealthy Russians.

How did oligarchs become so eager to determine their fortunes in Britain? British journalist and bestselling author of Money Land, Oliver Pollough, decided to take a look at it. His conclusions are included in the latest book, “Butler for the World.”

This is a how-to book The UK helped Russian oligarchs circumvent the rules for many yearsAvoid taxes, spend and keep money, and buy whatever they want. Few don’t want to read this, because there are all tricks – Oliver Polo revealed at Dzień Dobry TVN.

Russian possessions in Great Britain

It all began when, with the end of the British Empire, Great Britain needed to enter into new interests. Instead of invading other countries and stealing their possessions, I began helping others to do so. In 1991, when communism ended in Russia, a small group of people received a lot of money. They released it where a few others did. Furthermore it The Russians became masters of hiding their possessions – Paid. They buy villas for companies, and then open investment funds that they register outside England.

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– That’s what we offer – no matter where your money comes from, we’ll turn you into an aristocrat. Everything is for sale. (…) There is a whole bunch of corrupt sons, sons of an oligarchy who live in London or Paris or New York and happily spend money coming from Russia, coming from the oligarchy’s system. I think we’ve discovered that in recent months We must not allow this money to flow into our city And that we caused problems because we helped the money flow. “I hope the government will finally find the steps needed to stop this,” Oliver Pollough added.

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Main image source: Good morning TVN