The event is approaching, as Google will present its flagship smartphones of the year. Along with the new Android 12, Pixel 6 And more photography Pixel 6 Pro, It seems to be a powerful antidote to the new iPhones.

Pixel 6 is coming on October 19th

Google launched private pageWhere you know about the release date of new smartphones Pixel 6 And Pixel 6 Pro phone. I recommend to visit it because it is really very nice. It doesn’t reveal many details, but it has several eye-catching elements: it’s colourful, it has music and you move on it. things. Nice.

Google’s virtual event will be held on October 19. Everything will be streamed on YouTube and will start at 19:00 Poland time.

what are you expecting?

Interestingly, this year Google did not combine the conference on the new Android system with the launch of the next generation of Pixel smartphones. instead of this, Android 12 has already been announced on the airAlthough no information has been provided on the planned release date of the update – not even for major Google devices. Maybe we’ll find out at the conference in a couple of weeks.

Google Pixel 6 (Source: Google)

The most mysterious element in the new smartphones Pixel 6 And Pixel 6 Pro It is a proprietary Google processor – tensor. It is said to be based on solutions that Samsung uses in Exynos, but it is also supposed to provide machine learning technology that is not accessible in other smartphones, associated with image processing algorithms. Thanks to this, photos from Pixela will take Google devices to the heights of photography.

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More about the specifications of the smartphone Google Pixel 6 I Pixel 6 Pro You can read in the post below. We save the reminder about the smartphone premiere in the calendar.

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