Google Photos ‘Color Pop’ will remain an upgraded free version in testing for Google One subscribers

Google Photos 'Color Pop' will remain an upgraded free version in testing for Google One subscribers

Google Photos is one of the most popular Android apps, but it was only a matter of time before Google started looking for ways to turn buffering into a money-making machine. A new dismantling of the Photos app 5.18 reveals that Google is considering limiting some editing features to Google One members, making a paid membership the only way to access them.

New in-app threads include prompts like “Get additional editing features with a Google One membership” and “Unlock this feature and more with a Google One membership.” Moreover, some people seem to actually deal with this firewall in the wild. The Color Pop filter, previously available to everyone, appears to be part of a testing that limits its use to paid members.

Filters like Color Pop are tested as exclusive to Google One.

It is not clear at this time which features and / or filters will be placed behind the unpaid unsubscribe system. Version 5.18 of Google Photos also includes references to new image processing options including Dynamic, HDR, and Vivid, as well as new filters that may allow users to adjust the appearance of the sky using the Afterglow, Airy, Ember, Luminous, Radiant and Stormy options. Hopefully, if Google ends up rolling out the paid features more widely, they will be new features instead of the ones that were free before.

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We saw the launch of a new photo print subscription last monthAnd Google has been working on ways to make Google One memberships more attractive to consumers. Like offering a free VPN service. Google currently allows users to store an unlimited number of high-quality photos and videos in the cloud, so it makes sense that the company should try to find ways to help offset the costs. Let’s just hope you can continue to keep the basic cloud storage aspects of photos free for those who depend on it.

Google Photos 5.18 is Now available on APK MirrorOr, you can wait for the update through the Play Store.

Google told Engadget In a statement that only the upgraded version of Color Popup will require a Google One subscription, not the current functionality that is already available. The spokesperson said, “In Google Photos, the ‘color pop’ feature is available for anyone to use at no cost for images with deep information (such as portrait mode).” As part of an ongoing rollout that started earlier this year, Google One members can apply The feature has more pictures of people, including people without in-depth information. “

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