Android apps have had a rough history on Chromebooks since Google brought them to Chrome OS in 2016. From a dull app ecosystem to nasty bugs like Application scaling issue that nearly became Chrome OS 86 StableWith little luck, Google has tried to create a compelling Android app experience for users to enjoy, but with little luck. With the release of Chrome OS 87 in another few days, Google’s operating system finds itself in yet another bind that makes the experience of typing in Android applications so frustrating.

As was recently spotted in the latest Chrome OS Beta channel, the keyboard input bug slows down input speed drastically while typing in an Android app. The other day, I had to enter a piece of text on my homework using the Squid Android app. After about thirty seconds, while typing, the keyboard response slowed down dramatically. I think it was the Squid issue, I tested typing in Telegram, and the same problem came up. Here is a quick look.

The keyboard response time is incredibly slow when typing in Telegram.

As you can see, the input is slow and lags far behind the actual writing speed. Instead of writing my own content, I have to constantly wait for entry to catch up before I write again, which often cuts off the path of my thoughts. In fact, the input lag is so appalling that I find myself dragging my phone to text in Telegram instead of using my Chromebook. So far, this bug has affected four of my Beta, Dev, and Canary devices, with no fix in sight.

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Some of you might be wondering why you brought this up if the problem is not showing up on the firmware channel. Think of it this way: We only have three days until Chrome OS 87 releases on the stable channel (unless Google delays it, but that’s unlikely with Lack of release blockers On tracking errors). Time is running, and there’s not much time left for Google to fix it before rolling out the big update.

Restarting your Chromebook will temporarily fix the problem, but if you need to work properly in Android apps again, you will have to powerwash (or factory reset) your Chromebook to revert to the stable channel. I’m not the only one Also having this problem – Several users have sent me a message saying their writing experience is disabled. Not good, Google.

Hope Google developers can fix this nasty keyboard response time error. As of now, typing inside Android apps is a frustrating ordeal, as it greatly affects users who depend on Android apps. You have submitted an error report In Chromium Bug Tracker, I hope the developers get in and fix the issue quickly before it hits the stable channel. Who should solve the problem. Sorry for the broken. I will order a merge with the M-87 and M-88 once they land and confirm it is fixed on the ToT.

This response comes after we covered this issue on Saturday. Since then, the bug report has received the label ReleaseBlock-Stable and a priority of zero rank, which means it’s important enough to start releasing a branch update (in this case, Chrome OS 87 Stable)

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At the time of writing, The code has been picked up to Branch 87 (88 & 89 soon) ends the story of the bug that has plagued Beta and Dev channels for over a month. It is unclear whether and Other bugs that prohibit the release It will interfere with the major Chrome OS 87 update tomorrow, but personally, I hope Google delays its release and uses the extra time to ensure OS 87 is as polished as possible.