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Google Chrome 88.0.4324.96 stable version is now released. Applications that use Adobe Flash Player will officially stop working. It is best to remove the program from your computer, if you haven’t already. There is also some news, including fixes to a password manager.

Google intends to increase the safety of its users. It is no secret that many of them do not use the correct passwords on the network. After a recent update, Google Chrome will warn you every time it detects a weak user password. The browser will also help you create a safer set of words, letters and characters. Chrome has also long allowed you to keep passwords saved in the manager.

There will also be changes in this element. So far, changing the password that Chrome saved might not have been too complicated, but it was a tedious process. We can find everything in one place now. Users of the desktop and mobile versions of iOS will first receive more convenient access to the settings. Android smartphone owners will get this feature “soon”.

Chrome 88 officially “kills” Adobe Flash Player. You might not know, but the plug is still 2.2 percent in use. Web sites available on the web. FTP URL support has also disappeared. Google is improving support for the dark theme in Windows 10, adding a search engine to play cards or adding support for the Digital Goods API. Thanks to that, browser apps will now be able to use payments via the Play Store.

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