America – Mexico 2021 Gold Cup Final! The final is not surprising, since the previous 10 editions ended with the victories of one of the teams. Mexicans are more headlines. Will they add another victory? Live coverage of the USA-Mexico match starting at 2:30 pm on

Although neither team is playing in the strongest teams, experts predicted that they would be in the final. Since the tournament was named the Gold Cup in 1991, Mexico or the United States have only had a final win once. In 2000, Canada defeated Colombia in the final. In addition, Mexico has won eight times and the Americans six times.

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It promises to be an even match. The Americans have not yet lost, only one goal has been met. Aside from a stunning win with Martinique (6:1), the others won modestly at 1:0. On the other hand, Mexico faltered in the first game, and drew 0-0 with Trinidad and Tobago. However, he had a massive advantage after that, he fired 30 shots and the efficiency was sure to show in the upcoming matches. So it happened. Orbelin Pineda and Rogelio Funes combined three hits each.

Live coverage of the USA-Mexico match starting at 2:30pm on!

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