OK then. The last day of Giro d’Italia, he’s more prepared than Grace Kelly at a tea party. Or something. Tao Geojejan Hart, a Londoner with a name who is not as outlandish as it sounds, ranks first with Jay Hindley but is believed to be the best time on the list of experiences. Both of them completed their first 20 stages in an official time of 85 hours 22 minutes and seven seconds. So who will end up as a hero? Time will tell, how little the 15.7 km road to Milan takes, which ends at Piazza del Duomo.

First, then, hello! Second, here is some information that may be helpful, starting with the path profile:

Stage 21 of the 2020 Giro d'Italia

Stage 21 of the 2020 Giro d’Italia photo: giroditalia.it

Here are the top 10 in the overall ranking as they were this morning:

1. Jay Hindley (From) Sun Web 85 “22” 07 s
2. Tao Jiujiang Hart (GB) Ineos Grenadiers =
3. Wilko Kilderman (Ned) Sun Webb + 1 m 32 s
4. Bilbao Bilo (It’s) Bahrain – McLaren +2 m 51 s
5. Joao Almeida (Posted by) Daikonink – Quick step + 3 m 14 s
6. Jacob Vogelsang (Den) Astana +6 months, 32 seconds
7. Vincenzo Nepalese (He) Trek Segafredo + 7m46s
8. Patrick Conrad (UT) Bora Hansgrohey +8 m 05s
9. Fausto predicate (He) daikonink – quick step + 9m24s
10. Hermann Bernsteiner (UT) Bahrain McLaren +10 d 08s

The first rider kicked off at 1.40pm (12.40pm GMT), but it will take some time to reach the leaders. Here then Starting times for the last 10 passengers (In local time, subtract one for BMT):

3.45 pm Hermann Bernsteiner
3.48 pm Fausto Masnada
3.51 pm Patrick Conrad
3.54 pm Vincenzo Nepalese
3.57 pm Jacob Vogelsang
4.00 pm Joao Almeida
4.03 pm Bilbao Bilbao
4.06 pm Wilko Kilderman
4.09 pm Tao Geojejan Hart
4.12 PM Jay Hindley

And the Here is the William Fotheringham report About yesterday’s events, which also deal with today’s events:

Tao Geojejan Hart is on the threshold of Giro Ditalia’s victory in the trial stage on Sunday in Milan. After winning the mountain stage on Saturday at the Sestriere ski resort, the 25-year-old Scotsman born in London is on par with the new race captain, Jay Hindley of Australia, an unprecedented difficult and tense situation after more than 85 hours of racing.

There hasn’t been a grand tour that close on the last day, but Geoghegan Hart is a list of stronger time experiences; One second advantage would suffice, which means he is expected to give Great Britain their second Giro d’Italia win in three years after Chris Fromm’s last win in 2018.

For a knight who would have expected to support either Richard Carabaz or Ghent Thomas in an effort to achieve an all-out victory, this is an astonishing development of luck.

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