The girl with a pearl earring from the 17th century wasn’t available in this quality as it is now. 9100 images gathered from a 3D microscope resulting in a resolution of 10G.

Manufacturer of Hirox Microscope They decide to get an amazing display of the capabilities of their device. The producer was able to shoot the image with his equipment Mona Lizzie Midnight, in another meaning. Girls with pearls By the Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer. The work can be seen on a daily basis at the Dutch gallery Mauritshuis, but in 2018, when shots of this unusual product were taken, part of the museum was closed so that the Hiroks team could operate freely.

You zoom in, zoom in, and there’s no limit to that.

The photo taken by Hirox can be viewed directly on the manufacturer’s website. Everything works in the browser, and it’s very smooth. The zoom level is simply electric.

Hirox not only displayed the image with great accuracy, but also showed the texture of the coating.

We have seen more than one Digital scan A famous image made with colossal precision, but Hirox takes it to the next level. Here we are dealing not only with flat shots, but with a full 3D map of the image, thanks to which we can literally preview the artist’s technique. You can see the thickness of the paint for each stroke.

The 3D map is only provided for a few parts of the image, but each makes a big impression. Navigating under extreme zoom is like seeing 3D mountain scenery on Google Maps. The Hirox page also allows you to add a depth map to the image to show the structure.

All this is possible thanks to the use of an unusual microscope.

This entire project was captured using a microscope Herox RH-2000 Digital 3D Microscope 2D and 3D image recording. The CMOS sensor only captures an image at a resolution of 1900 x 1200 pixels, but it does so at 50 frames per second. The device allows you to make 3D maps based on multiple frames with a shifted focus point, which can also be combined with the entire lens movement in the Z-axis (perpendicular to the image plane). The mechanical precision of the lens movement is 50nm, or 0.00005mm.

At the highest 3D zoom, the image resolution is unbelievable, because the pixel of a single image translates to 1.1 μm. This means that the 1 x 1 mm area of ​​the image has a resolution of approximately 909 x 909 pixels.

You can watch the entire filming process on the video.

Up to 9,100 images are required to create this effect. Everything is a real delight not only for enthusiasts and art historians, but also for photographers. Achieving such a level of macro photography will not be possible in home conditions for a long time.

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