Shortly after the Giga Rodeo, the inaugural event for Tesla’s plant in Texas, it was revealed that the manufacturer had offered Tesla employees a Model Y, unavailable in the component: the mysterious Model Y AWD. The company is now making a similar inquiry to people in the Austin area where the plant is located. Texas will be next, and eventually the East Coast of the United States and Canada.

Tesla Model Y will be received in a few weeks! Of course not in Europe. still

In the connection that goes to potential car buyers, the intersection is called Model Y all-wheel drive (AWD) or too Tesla Model Y Standard Range AWDBriefly Tesla Model Y SR AWD. The car is rated as much as PreviouslyPriced at $59,990, it is also known to accelerate to 60 mph (97 km/h) in 5 seconds and offer 279 miles/449 km of range. In Poland, a similar variant should cost 299,990 PLN, the problem is that Giga Berlin (Germany) does not yet produce cells.

The Model Y AWD is still not available on the US Configuration Tool, so only those who have been invited to this process can decide to update the order. You can guess that with the increased performance of Giga Texas, the incentive circle for the cheaper version of the crossover will be expanded, it will gradually cover Texas, maybe even reach California, and maybe it will remain only in the eastern states of the USA, because this area will be served by the Texas plant of the manufacturer.

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Unlike the longer-produced variants, the Tesla Model Y AWD has two die-cast (front and rear) and a 4,680-cell regulated battery. Its range is 15.5 percent less than the LR version with 2,170 cells (279 miles/449 km vs. 330 miles)). / 531 km) and 14.3 percent higher than the Model Y RWD (244 mi / 393 km). Let’s add that the latest version, although it has a yearly rating (2022), is also not available in the US Configuration Tool – it can only be seen on Environmental Protection Agency website (Environmental Protection Agency).

Note from the editorial office: the above percentages are given for 19-inch rims. However, we don’t know if the Model Y AWD’s 279 miles is a value for 19- or 20-inch rims. It’s important to be welcomed into the selector with values ​​of 20-inch rims, even if the car is offered with smaller tyres.

Opening photo: Giga-Texas and factory cars waiting for transport (in the illuminated parking lot). Factories are developing very slowly, the number of cars is gradually increasing, and that does not mean that the parking space is filled and cleaned every day (c) Jeff Roberts / Twitter

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