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Policemen from Olsztyn saved the 84-year-old and his animals from the fire

Since Sunday morning, a group of Polish firefighters and two pilots from the Polish police have been in Dalaman in Turkey’s Muglas province, with the help of a Black Hawk helicopter. And yesterday, three more firefighters arrived at the designated place by road. From morning to evening, over the next few days, two crews will take turns extinguishing fires in mountainous, hard-to-reach areas, in very difficult conditions.

During the briefing with the Turkish services, activity areas were designated for helicopter crews to fight individual fires. The Poles were also assigned specific tasks. They began preparations for an operation near the village of Yilanli, about 40 one thousand North Dalaman Airport. They installed a special tank to put out a fire from the air in a police helicopter, and at about 10:00 local time they took off with a Black Hawk equipped with a three-thousand-capacity Bambi bucket. liters For the first firefighting work. Thanks to the Turkish liaison officer on board, who knows the terrain well, they made a total of 10 minute drops in two hours, including reaching the area of ​​operations.

There were three helicopters and another aircraft operating in the area. Conditions in the area are very difficult. The temperature is about 40 degrees Celsius, strong winds are blowing, and the sky is covered with thick smoke.

Animals also fall victim to fires. Establishment of field hospitals for burns. There, the fight for the lives of the affected animals continues.

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Mass testing in Wuhan. 11 million people tested for COVID

Red sky over Greece

Polish firefighters will also help Greece, which is also suffering from massive fires. The images show how the sky over Evia turned orange, and in some places even red. Smoke everywhere. It was burning there for the fifth day. Many homes and businesses were destroyed, thousands of residents were destroyed and tourists He survived on boats.

– It’s too late, the area is devastated – said one of the authorities on TV, asking for help to Greece. On Sunday, an evacuation order was issued for other towns. Residents try to fight the fires themselves, includingin a. They use water from garden hoses for this.

On Sunday, the fire department said 575, including 112 Romanian and 100 Ukrainian firefighters, 35 ground teams and 89 vehicles, were fighting the Ipoya fire. Air support was provided by four helicopters and three aircraft.

More fires broke out in Greece, incl. In the southern part of the Peloponnese and in the south of Crete.

At night from Friday to Saturday, the ferry evacuated people from the Limni region on the Greek island of Evia (Evia).Terrifying footage shows the evacuation of an island engulfed in fires