Ubisoft may soon introduce Ghost Recon Frontline. The production appeared on the platform of the French company and it is said that it can be presented today.

Ubisoft hasn’t had much luck with its games latelyAnd it looks like in a few hours we can see the Ghost Recon Frontline. Yesterday on Uplay you could see graphics that herald the upcoming tests. In prematurely published material we see soldiers, some equipment and vehicles.

According to the leaks – Ghost Recon Frontline will return to the series’ “old formula” And instead of an open world, invite players to more linear locations. The action is set to take place in modern Vietnam.

It is said that the creators put a camera in the first person, and that Ubisoft Paris, one of the main branches of the French company, is responsible for the production.

The Ghost Recon Frontline is supposed to be presented today, but we’ll have to wait for the details. However, I have a feeling that returning to a more classic experience has been well received by many players.

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At 19:00 there will be a special stream in which the new production of the Ghost Recon series will be presented:

“Welcome to the Anniversary Showcase celebrating 20 years of Ghost Recon. Prepare to meet the people behind the franchise, hear tales, receive gifts and a special surprise, along with the global unveiling of a brand new Ghost Recon project.”

Source: https://www.resetera.com/threads/ghost-recon-frontline-a-ubisoft-original-leaked-on-uplay.495897/