Get to know Poland – project details

The goal of the Get to know Poland project is to support teachers as well as enrich the teaching process and make it more attractive. The program is a way to get acquainted with our national and cultural heritage and to popularize the achievements of Polish science.

A total of 15 million PLN is planned to finance the project in 2021. The funnel can be used to cover travel costs, admission tickets, guide, accommodation, meals and insurance for the trip participants. The school will receive a grant of up to 80 percent. Planned costs for the trip:

  • One day – up to the amount of 5 thousand. zloty
  • Two days – up to the amount of 10 thousand. zloty
  • Three days – up to the amount of 15 thousand. zloty.

The call for applications begins September 6, 2021 and runs until September 30, 2021 or until funds run out – the date for submission of the co-funding application for the trip will be decided.

Excursions will be open to students of three age groups: the first group – grades 1-3 of primary schools, the second group – grades four to eight of primary schools, and the third group – secondary schools. For each of these groups, the Ministry of Education and Science, in cooperation with experts, developed excursion plans with specific educational points adapted to the age and level of development of the students.

All detailed information about the Get to know Poland project can be found on the website.

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A letter from the Minister of Education and Science to school principals

I would like to assure you that the idea of ​​civic education, which is widely understood, is particularly close to me. I would like the young people who will decide the future fate of our country to know Polish culture, respect the language and national heritage and, above all, grow up with a sense of pride for being Polish. I am convinced that the “Meet Poland” program will contribute to this – wrote Minister Przemyslaw Czarnik in a letter to school administrators and teachers.

The MEiN Chair presented the project assumptions in the letter and encouraged teachers and students to participate in the project. He stressed that it is the first project that supports national education to this extent.

– Thanks to the funds from the program, young people will be able to discover important places and events related to the history of Poland, important to our memory and our collective identity. They will be able to directly experience the past and discover it in an interesting way – noted Minister Przemyslav Kzarnik.